Fast Part replacement for max uptime

Same functionality, 1/10th the price of machining parts

The parts we produce in Onyx can replace aluminium parts in up to 15% of use cases. Yes it’s that strong.

We can produce machine and plant parts at about a tenth of the usual cost of getting a part machined. It also takes alot less time as well. Getting one-off or low run parts machined can take much longer. Especially when machining shops don’t really like doing one offs, as retooling/programming costs are so high. At Replace My Part, we can do runs from 1 to hundreds.

We can accept your existing .stl files or create new design files based off of existing parts. We can also work with you on greenfield projects, designing all parts from the ground up. We use Fusion 360 for all our designing work.

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Micro carbon fiber filled nylon with reinforced continous fiberglass.

Onyx™ is a micro carbon fiber filled nylon that yields accurate parts with near flawless surface finish. Few materials have the versatility of Onyx; it offers high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance when printed alone, and can be reinforced with Continuous Fibers to yield aluminum-strength parts.

Today, there are more than a million Onyx parts in the field transforming manufacturing.

This filament only works on very expensive, industrial 3D printers. Replace My Part invests in the best machines possible to give you the best materials available. This material truly is space-age.


  • Plastic Part Replacement
  • Housings
  •      Jigs and Tooling
  • Sensor/Actuator Mounts
  •      Practically any plastic part
  • Cosmetic Prototypes

We have 10 years of 3D printing and Industrial Design experience