Franchise with us

12 month ROI

We give you everything you need to immediately thrive within the Commercial 3D printing market.

Part replacement using industrial level printers is a booming market.

If  you have found your way here, you probably already get our business model – it’s pretty simple. When old plastic parts break and if they are no longer made, often the only solution is to upgrade the machine (throw out the old one). But with Replace My Part, we can clone those parts and print them in better materials than they were originally made from. This simple model is booming. It seems everybody at one point or another hits this issue. 

But the key to this is two fold and not so simple;

  1. The ability to clone a part. This takes skills in 3D modelling and scanning.
  2. Using Industrial level machines. These are not cheap and start at $30,000.

These two things combined mean that the barrier to entry is quite high. Not just anyone with a basic consumer printer can produce parts good enough for use except on their own personal projects. However with an industrial printer, the parts have exceptional finish and strength qualities. This is what the market demands. Replace My Part really took off once we partered with MarkForged and purchased our first industrial printer. These machines open up the industrial market as well. You can expect 30% of your revenue to come from local industrial companies.

Our ten years of experience in 3D printing and part cloning has allowed us to create a system for rapidly cloning parts. There’s a secret to it which we’ll share with you during your training course.

Our average franchise will generate a minimum of $2000 per month for 10-15 hours of work. The printers however, well they work full time, whizzing away working for you. It’s kind of like printing money!

The more we market our product the more sales we get. Now is the time to have a network of Franchises across Australia and New Zealand.

School Program, a bonus revenue stream

As you’ll quickly become the go-to expert for 3D printing in your area, we will also train you in selling and servicing 3D printers to your local High Schools. This includes a ‘Teach the Teacher’ course that you can conduct to the Teachers at your local schools. Schools pay $1000 per day for such instructor led content. Plus they are willing to sign service contracts for the machines that you supply. They want reliable machines, end of story. Over the last decade they have persevered with cheap and unreliable machines and have a desire to outsource the decision of the best machine and have someone available to call when it stops working. We have chosen that machine, the Bambu Labs X1 Carbon with AMS. We have in-house expertise with these machines and have designed a service certification which you’ll complete in your training, so you can confidently offer sales and service on these machines.


Franchise Inclusions:

  • 1 x Markforged Mark 2 Industrial 3D Printer
  • 1 x Bambu Lab X1 Carbon with AMS 3D Printer (Consumer level)
  • 1 x Revopoint Mini Scanner
  • 1 x Revopoint Medium Scanner
  • Custom Software to run jobs and accounting
  • Complete Training, videos & 1-0n-1 training
  • 12 months license for Fusion 360 
  • Full support to get you up to speed
  • National Advertising
  • Regional Rights
  • Access to larger printers and metal printing
  • Marketing materials and target markets to approach in your area
  • Toolkit with everything you need
  • Apparel – tees and hoodies
  • School Program

Please note: Hardware costs make up 85% of the Franchise Setup Fee


Interested to find out more?

Contact us on 1300 911 937 to register your interest and discuss your suitability with our team. 

Franchise FAQ

What sort of person is a good fit for this?

If you’ve ever drawn a plan on a bit of paper, and added dimensions to it, you’re probably able to learn how to clone parts. 

The following traits are desirable:

  • High attention to detail, even if attention span is limited!
  • Desire to learn and master new skills
  • Basic to Intermediate computer skills.
  • Patience and tenacity. Sometimes trouble shooting problems can be stressful. Don’t worry, we’re here to help and have probably already solved your issuee
  • Have a minimum of 10 hours a week available to work in the business
Can I do it from home?

Yes. It perfectly suits a home office. There are some considerations needed, like security and ventilation.

What else do I need to get started?
  • A home office or retail shop, presentable to the public. Needs space for a mini workshop with benches. The 400kg heavy duty rack range from Bunnings is our choice
  • A computer with a minimum of 16GB RAM and preferably a dedicated graphics card. Min 500gb storage, the more the better.
  • A local PO BOX
  • Internet connection able to handle video conferencing